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 Flow Meter Splitter Interfaces “FSI”Agua-Tek
The capability of sharing a flow meter output between devices has become more of a requirement in recent years. The ability to allow contractors & consultants to monitor a customers water usage is being requested more and more.
Agua-TekOffer 2 types of splitter (Both types offer isolation)

A “passive” (no battery) splitter which can be supplied for single or dual meter

operation. (Typical combination meter)

Isolation between the 2 flow outputs prevents the external logging devices from interfering with each other. Preventing corrupt data and No data issues.

The Splitter boxes are fully potted for IP68.




Fully Isolated Electronic:-



The electronically isolated splitter interface gives totally isolated pulsed outputs.This unit is a single Flow channel with a battery life in excess of 10years (under normal usage) and can accept pulse rates in excess of 1000pulses per second. 1000Hz


The Advantages of using Flow meter Splitter Interfaces

  • Once fitted prevents 3rd party tampering with the meter
  • Allows step testing to be carried out without removing loggers
  • Out reader can be fitted if customer wishes to read meter located under heavy covers.
  • Business management systems and 3rd party data loggers can be fitted