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Agua-Tek Limited

Cabling Solutions to the water industry
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Supporting the water industry and its contractors.
Agua-Tek noticed that many of the larger data logging manufacturers and suppliers did not have the resource for a fast turnaround on the build and supply of various types of cables to the water companies and their contractors.


Agua-Tek Offer the following  services:- 


   ·Flow Input Cables

   ·Flow Combiner units

   ·Flow Splitter units



 Flow Combiner

 2 water meters to 1 Data logger:-

 Simply plug the main and bypass meters into their  

 sockets and plug the grey output lead into your single

 logger which is terminated with the data logger plug 

 required for 2 channels of flow.




  Flow Splitter

  1 water meter to 2 Data loggers:-


Remove the plug from the data logger already on site, plug the cable into the flow input then reconnect the logger via one of the output cables and connect the scond logger to the other flow output






Agua-Tek  are pleased to announce the release of a new product




The New Flow Cable - Pulse Test Unit

Now featuring flow rates & volume



PTU Menus
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Composite Chamber Lids  

Fitted with a GSM aerial for poor signal conditions




Head Office Tel: (+44) 01629 343013
Sales (+44) 07581 358850